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    Small Cap Penny Stocks With News Sept 08, 2010 UNDT, VKNG, MFLI, EQLB

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    HLXW — Helix Wind, Corp. (OTCBB)

    Penny Stocks With News

    (OTCBB: UNDT — Universal Detection Technology


    Universal Detection Technology Receives Purchase Order for Its Biological Detection Equipment From Boeing Defense

    LOS ANGELES, CA, Sep 07, 2010 — Universal Detection Technology

    (www.udetection.com) (OTCBB: UNDT), a developer of early-warning monitoring technologies to protect people from bioterrorism and other infectious health threats and provider of counter-terrorism consulting and training services, reported today that it has received a purchase order for its

    5-agent biological detection equipment from Boeing Service Company, a fully owned subsidiary of Boeing Defense. The detection equipment is designed to check for anthrax, ricin, botulinum, Y. Pestis (plague) and SEB’s in as little as three minutes.

    Boeing Service Company (BSC) is a fully-owned subsidiary of Boeing Defense, Space & Security, with approximately 1,500 people around the world working to successfully maintain and sustain customer communication and data systems. The BSC’s programs vary from tasking and tracking communication and global positioning satellites to readying payloads for rocket launch to building and maintaining classified government facilities.

    UNDT’s biodetection equipment has been extensively used by first responders and private industries throughout the country. The equipment has been evaluated by the U.S. DOD as well as the United Kingdom military. The equipment’s capacities include:

    –  No cross-reactivity with near neighbor strains

    –  No cross-reactivity to household powders

    –  No set up time

    –  No expensive reader needed

    –  No decontamination requirements

    –  No false positives

    –  No false negatives

    –  No hook effect

    “With last year’s recognition from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security as an ‘Approved Product for Homeland Security’ under the SAFETY Act, UNDT’s 5-agent biodetection kit has been a key choice in biothreat security for a number of large companies like Boeing Service Company,” said Jacques Tizabi, Universal Detection Technology CEO. “UNDT’s 5-agent biodetection kit is a fast and reliable on-site test of harmful bioagents that can threaten the operations of any corporate facility,” continued Tizabi.

    For more information, please visit our website at www.udetection.com or email us at info@udetection.com.

    About Universal Detection Technology

    Universal Detection Technology is a developer of monitoring technologies, including bioterrorism detection devices. The Company on its own and with development partners is positioned to capitalize on opportunities related to Homeland Security. For example, the Company, in cooperation with NASA, has developed a bacterial spore detector that detects certain biohazard substances. The Company is also a reseller of handheld assays used for detection of five bioterrorism agents, radiation detection systems, and antimicrobial products. For more information, please visit www.udetection.com.

    (OTCBB: VKNG — Viking Systems, Inc.)

    Current News !!

    Viking Systems Receives FDA 510(k) Clearance for Its Next Generation 3DHD Visualization System

    WESTBOROUGH, Mass., Sep 8, 2010 — Viking Systems, Inc. (OTCBB:VKNG) announced today that it has received clearance of its 510(k) application by the Food and Drug Administration related to its Next Generation 3DHD visualization system. The System is scheduled for market launch in Washington D.C. at this year’s American College of Surgeons’ Annual Clinical Congress which will be held from October 3-7.

    Jed Kennedy, Viking President & CEO said, “We are very pleased to have received timely FDA 510(k) clearance of our Next Gen system for a broad base of minimally invasive procedures including general surgery, urology, gynecology, spinal, bariatric, ENT and thoracic.” Kennedy went on to say, “With the 510(k) in place, we will now focus on completing the documentation required to apply the CE mark to the 3DHD system.” The CE mark demonstrates compliance with the European community’s Medical Device Directive.

    Kennedy continued, “Because Viking is ISO13485-certified, we will be able to self-certify the 3DHD for the European community. This keeps us on track to be in the U.S. and European markets in the fourth quarter of 2010 as planned.”

    Nearly all minimally invasive procedures are currently performed with a 2D camera. The Company plans to provide surgeons with high quality 3D vision in a cost effective and flexible format which has the potential to not only improve the quality of care but also to reduce procedure time and therefore cost of procedures.

    Viking’s Next Generation 3DHD system provides surgeons from a broad base of surgical specialties with the ability to perform complex minimally invasive surgery with a revolutionary vision system that restores their natural depth perception previously sacrificed with 2D systems. Viking Systems’ 3DHD system is planned to offer surgeons the choice of two different proprietary 3D optical systems. The Company also plans to offer a 2DHD camera for use with the system for surgeons that may prefer this modality for less complex cases. Jed Kennedy elaborated, “The 3DHD system will offer hospital administrators a flexible solution, intended to provide a vision system solution for the visualization needs of minimally invasive surgeons.”

    In October 2009, at the American College of Surgeons’ Annual Clinical Congress in Chicago, Viking Systems first publicly demonstrated the Next Generation 3DHD camera system utilizing a prototype Sony 3DHD flat panel display. Since this initial demonstration, Viking Systems and Sony have collaborated on presentations at a series of Surgical Congresses and meetings to expose surgical thought leaders in targeted specialties to the 3DHD system prior to its official launch in October 2010.

    Most recently, cardiothoracic surgeons attending the 5th International Symposium on Hybrid Approach to Congenital Heart Disease in Columbus, Ohio, had the opportunity to gain some hands on experience with the 3DHD system. Jed Kennedy reported, “Once again, surgeons were ‘blown away’ by the quality of the image the Viking 3DHD vision system provides and with its natural depth perception. Obviously, when performing minimally invasive thoracic surgery the surgeons want all the help they can get. We believe 3D visualization will significantly help to accelerate the conversion of open thoracic surgery procedures to a minimally invasive approach.”

    Viking Systems intends to begin production of this unique Next Generation system and currently plans to begin deliveries of systems for the U.S. and European markets in the fourth quarter of 2010. Viking Systems believes that at launch its high quality 3DHD visualization system will be the only cost effective, standalone 3DHD solution available for minimally invasive surgery.

    About Viking Systems, Inc.

    Viking Systems, Inc. (OTCBB:VKNG) is a leading worldwide developer, manufacturer and marketer of 2D and 3D visualization solutions for complex minimally invasive surgery. The Company partners with medical device companies and healthcare facilities to provide surgeons with proprietary visualization systems enabling minimally invasive surgical procedures, which reduce patient trauma and recovery time. For more information visit the Company’s website at: www.vikingsystems.com

    (OTC: MFLI — Bravada International, Ltd.)

    Current News !!

    BRAVADA Begins its North American Online Affiliate Marketing Program for BRAVADAWomen.com for its Full Line of Women’s Fitness and Fashion Activewear

    LOS ANGELES, Sep 08, 2010 — BRAVADA International Ltd. (www.BravadaWomen.com) (Pink Sheets:MFLI) announced today that it has began its North American online affiliate marketing program for its full line of women’s fitness wear, fashion activewear and in-home fitness and yoga equipment at BravadaWomen.com. BRAVADA’s affiliate marketing program has been devised to mimic the essence of a franchise system. Approved online BRAVADA affiliate partners will be provided with BRAVADA Women’s Athletica banners and marketing materials to place on their websites that is linked to BravadaWomen.com. BRAVADA’s affiliate software then tracks the traffic for each affiliate, records all respective sales transactions as well as repeat orders and pays each affiliate a share of the monthly revenue that has been derived by the affiliate.

    There is no limit to the number of online affiliates BRAVADA can include in its program for its women’s athletic wear. The potential market penetration can be into the thousands of affiliates with the huge amount of national Television, weekly magazine and online exposure that BRAVADA is expecting over the next few months.

    BRAVADA affiliate banners include high profile marketing campaigns of product images with Melanie B as well as additional imagery from relationships BRAVADA is in the process of concluding. The combination of national brand exposure and highly recognizable imagery will be a powerful combination in implementing BRAVADA’s affiliate program across North America.

    For more information regarding BRAVADA’s affiliate program: Phone: 1-310-498-0040 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              1-310-498-0040      end_of_the_skype_highlighting begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              1-310-498-0040      end_of_the_skype_highlighting or Bravada@BravadaLtd.com

    About BRAVADA International Ltd

    BRAVADA is a publicly traded company specializing in innovative media, health, fitness and lifestyle products that owns and operates BRAVADA Women’s Athletica, an exclusively women’s fitness clothes and sexy women’s gym wear retail store and BRAVADA Productions which develops exciting brands through the creation of internet and television media content. BRAVADA is dedicated to providing the highest quality products, services and media that enriches and provides beneficial betterment for individuals, both physically and emotionally. Through its dedication to quality and innovation, BRAVADA delivers its products, services and media by empowering individuals through positive lifestyles and experiences.

    (OTC: EQLB — EQ Labs, Inc.)

    Current News !!

    EQ Labs Receives Offer for Marketing Collaboration Which Places EQ Energy Drink in Front of Up to 4 Million Consumers Per Month

    LAS VEGAS, Sep 8, 2010 — EQ Labs (Pink Sheets:EQLB) announced today that it has received an offer to be placed in a digital advertising network. The media screens that display the network are strategically situated throughout 108 stores and as result of this new collaboration, the EQ brand will be prominently displayed on 480 media screens in one of the larger c-store (convenience stores) proprietors in the Western part of the United States. EQ Labs believes that this marketing collaboration will be implemented along with a sales order in which product will be placed in 108 stores in less than 30 days.

    Point of purchase advertising (POP) is an advertising medium that utilizes a display to catch a shopper’s eye at the point of purchase. There are various types of point of purchase displays including floor stand displays, media screens and others. As a result of EQ Labs participation in the digital network, EQ Energy Drink will be displayed on over 400 screens daily and can potentially reach up to 4 million consumers per month.

    Mo Owens, Chief Executive Officer of EQ Labs commented, “We are very excited about this opportunity. C-stores are an extremely important component of our overall sales opportunity. The c-store retail opportunity has launched some of the more recognizable energy drink brands in the world today and we believe it will be very important for our brand as sales continue to accelerate.”

    About EQ Labs, Inc. EQ Labs is engaged in the development, marketing and sale of EQ (“The Smart Energy Drink”) . EQ is an effervescent tablet that can be dissolved in any beverage to provide instant energy. Consisting of a blend of essential vitamins, Gingko Biloba, and less caffeine than a cup of coffee. EQ is currently sold at Best Buy, 7-Eleven, Walgreens and other leading retailers. For more information about EQ, visit: http://www.drinkeq.com/.

    The EQ Labs, Inc. logo is available at http://www.globenewswire.com/newsroom/prs/?pkgid=7430

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