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    The Stock Wizards announces its Top 10 Stocks for the week of 6/14/2010

    Posted on June 12, 2010 by

    (1) WOLV (OTCBB) Sector: Junior Exploration Mineral Properties

    WOLV — Wolverine Exploration, Inc.

    WOLV made a new high this week. Based on its low market cap, TSW feels that the .50 to .60 cent area we mentioned 3 weeks ago, is still very conservative. This week’s close was very impressive. However, we do not want to see WOLV come down below .20 cents this coming week.

    (2) EVXA (OTC) Sector:  GULF Oil Clean Up

    EVXA — Enviroxtract, Inc.

    EVXA had a strong finish this week even though it didn’t close above the psychological (.005) cents. A weekly close above this level will spark another round of momentum buying to (.01).EVXA is a news driven play. Read the rest of this entry »

    The Stock Wizards announces its Top 10 Stocks for the week of 6/7/2010

    Posted on June 5, 2010 by

    The StockWizards.net top 10 stocks for the week include EXPU, CBIS,LCRE,WOLV, IDOI, KATX, GETA, POPT, CDIV,ENTI

    (1) EXPU (OTC) Sector: Financial Products and Services

    EXPU — Expert Group, Inc.

    The Stock Wizards feels that they have found a stock that’s undervalued, and should be trading at a higher level. The stock is EXPU Expert Group, Inc.

    A Sub-Penny Stock trading with a ridiculous outstanding share count of only 68 million shares. The authorize share count is 75 million.

    With a market capitalization of less than $1 million one has to scratch their head and ask why is the stock trading so low when the company has revenues and turns a profit? One thing that usually gets the attention of traders and investors is when the outstanding share count and the authorized share count are maxed out to one another which can create a very nice trading opportunity.

    Technically speaking, the stock looks very oversold on the charts. All technical indicators point for a short-term move in the stock.

    TSW likes the fact there could be a nice trade here to possibly double your money in the near future. This is definitely a stock to put on your watch list and see how it trades over the next week or so. Any unusual volume and news could spark a catalyst for the stock.

    (2)  CBIS (OTCBB) Sector:  Pharmaceutical Medical Marijuana

    CBIS — Cannabis Science, Inc.

    CBIS is trading right in the middle of the channel. Support is at .13 cents. Upper end of the channel is .23 cents. Seems to be a lot of accumulation going on. A close above the 50 day moving average .175, should get the upward momentum going. Read the rest of this entry »