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    Today’s Small Cap Penny Stock Alerts with News For July 26,2010 VHGI,RMGX,CBWP,OTOW,HPNN

    Posted on July 26, 2010 by

    Boca Raton,FL July 26, 2010 –THE STOCK WIZARDS FOCUS LISTS INCLUDES: (OTCBB: VHGI ) VHGI Holdings, Inc. (OTC: RMGX) Ram Gold & Exploration, Inc. (OTCBB: CBWP) Crownbutte Wind Power, Inc. (OTC: OTOW) O2 Secure Wireless, Inc.  (OTC: HPNN ) Hop-On, Inc.

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    (OTCBB: VHGI — VHGI Holdings, Inc.)


    VHGI Holdings, Inc. Makes Next Steps Forward in Gold Operations

    LEXINGTON, Ky., July 26 — VHGI Holdings Inc.’s (OTC Bulletin Board: VHGI) wholly-owned operating subsidiary VHGI Gold LLC, is pleased to announce that after their recentonsite trips to the current Gold projects, it is now structuring each of the mining projects into their own operating subsidiaries.

    The names of the subsidiaries will be TGP LLC, for the Treasure Gulch Property, Sun Gold Mining, LLC for the Sun Gold Mining project, and Granite County Placer LLC for the Gold Creek Project.

    Comprised of multiple leases, the Gold Creek Placer Mine is a contiguous lease portfolio controlling approximately 1,060 acres of federal land and is credited with being the location of the first verified gold strike in Montana. As previously announced, according to GeoTerra Resources, this mine appears to contain approximately 1.8 million cubic yards of gold bearing material that is inferred to contain in excess of 100,000 ounces of placer gold with an expected average working grade of 0.04 – 0.06 ounces of placer gold per cubic yard.

    “We recently had our team on the ground to conduct due diligence andare working toward completion of this transactionwith GeoTerra,” stated VHGI Gold’s President Mr. Jim Renfro, adding, “We are currently exploring various financing alternatives including financing for company subsidiaries to operate the mines as well as a potential transaction that will retain a royalty interest in certain mines.”

    About VHGI and VHGI Gold

    VHGI is a diverse company with assets and interests focusing on opportunities within thePrecious Metals Markets and Energy Markets as well as some Healthcare related Assets. VHGI Gold, a wholly owned subsidiary of VHGI has recently initiated steps to leverage the company’s operating history and corporate resources within the Gold Mining Industry and intends to pursue these opportunities through Lease-Purchase opportunities, Acquisitions and Joint Ventures.

    Technical Outlook:

    VHGI is coming out of a nice consolidation pattern. Traders and Investors are keyed in on the weekly support levels of .15-.16 this week. If these levels hold VHGI could be setting up to go much higher. A breakout above the 200 day moving average (.176) will confirm the stock has started a new long term up trend. VHGI is currently up 6.67% on 408,000 shares traded in the morning session. (See Disclosers and Disclaimer) Read the rest of this entry »

    Biggest Penny Stock Price Jumps with News CCTC, FNMA, SCLD, DTRO, BMGP

    Posted on July 12, 2010 by

    Boca Raton,FL July 12, 2010 –THE STOCK WIZARDS FOCUS LISTS INCLUDES: (OTCBB: CCTC) Clean Coal Technologies, Inc. (OTCBB: FNMA) Fannie Mae (OTCBB: SCLD) SteelCloud, Inc. (OTCBB: DTRO ) Deltron, Inc. (OTC: BMGP ) Biomagnetics Diagnostics Corp.

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    (OTCBB: CCTC — Clean Coal Technologies, Inc.)


    Clean Coal Technologies Receives Update on Inner Mongolia Project

    CORAL SPRINGS, FL, Jul 12, 2010 — Clean Coal Technologies Inc. (PINKSHEETS: CCTC) has received the following update on the progress of its Inner Mongolia project approval. A copy of the original Chinese document will be posted on the Company’s web site.

    “Dear Mr. Douglas (Hague),

    Hello. Firstly, please accept my sincere greeting to you.

    Since December 2008, your company and our joint venture company, Mongolia International Investment Company, have been working together to commence the initial phase of our project which provides for the production of 1.5 million tons of clean coal, per our contract.

    We have been aggressively working on the preparatory phases for the past year, however, the reasons for the extended delay are the administrative complexities associated with the Chinese joint venture structure, particularly the supporting documentation approval requirements that have taken much longer that originally contemplated.

    The final approval of the project is predicated on the individual approval of all of the following eight supporting documents:

    --  The Environmental Impact report,
    --  Energy (Green Energy) report,
    --  Safety Evaluation report,
    --  Water Resource report,
    --  Geological Hazard report,
    --  Water and Soil Conservation program report,
    --  Land Survey report,
    --  Zoning report.

    The approval of these supporting documents is a mandatory pre-requisite, and each is required to undergo an expert assessment by which they are reviewed and approved by the relevant government department.

    At this time, seven of the eight required documents have been approved for the commencement of the initial 1.5 million ton clean coal project and we are awaiting the final approval of the Environment Impact documents, which have already been pre-approved. Once we receive the final approval from the Office of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Environmental Protection Department, and the Office of Finance Council, we estimate that we should receive the formal approval of the project by no later than the end of July.

    Mr. Douglas (Hague), we fully recognize that the failure to commence your company’s initial phase of our 1.5 million tons clean coal project is due to the many repeated delays outside your control, for which we sincerely apologize. However, now that we have completed the land acquisition and infrastructure development phases, the construction project will be able to commence as soon as we receive the final approval, and I will be aggressively pursuing all avenues to ensure that this takes place as soon as possible.

    We look forward to welcoming you back again to Xing An, China in the near future.

    Wishing you Good Health and Happiness.

    Bu Jin Lai Vice Governor Xing’An League of Inner Mongolia

    2010, July 9″

    President & CEO Doug Hague commented that: “We are aware that the continuing delays in the receipt of our project’s final approval are of concern to our shareholders, and trust that this update will be reassuring. However, we would reiterate that this process is subject to Chinese government discretion, and any estimated dates may be subject to further delay. While we regret this situation, its final resolution is outside our control, and we would ask shareholders for their continued patience in this matter. We would also reiterate that the company has a fully executed joint venture contract for this project, and have been pre-approved for the outstanding Environmental Impact report. However, all the approvals outlined in this release are necessary formalities that have to be fully completed before we can commence our contractual obligations.”

    Technical Outlook:

    CCTC Was highlighted in the TSW Weekend penny stock newsletter called “Weekly Top 10” TSW was anticipating a bottom reversal in the stock this week. CCTC Stock is up 19% on 1.1 million shares traded in the early morning session. Read the rest of this entry »

    Small Cap Penny Stock Newsletter Reviews 5 Stocks With News For June 29th 2010!! AVTI,BEHL,GOIG,SNSR,VIDA

    Posted on June 29, 2010 by

    THE STOCK WIZARDS FOCUS LISTS INCLUDES: (OTC: ATVI) Avitar, Inc. (OTC: BEHL) Biocentric Energy Holdings, Inc. (OTC: GOIG) GoIP Global, Inc. (OTCBB:SNSR ) Sanswire Corp. (OTCBB: VIDA ) Vidaroo Corp

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    (OTC: AVTI — Avitar, Inc.)


    Avitar, Inc. Enters JV Agreement With Johnnie’s Famous Shoes

    CALGARY, AB, Jun 29, 2010 – Avitar, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: AVTI) announced that it has entered a Joint Venture Agreement with Johnnie’s Famous Shoes, Inc. (“Johnnie’s”) of New York for the purpose of financing, producing and distributing its summer run of high end, luxury, Men’s footwear.

    Johnnie’s has brought back some of the famous top end designs from the 1980s that are coming back into style, and has established sales channels through some of the top retailers in the United States.

    Avitar, Inc. has agreed to finance the summer run of production as well as to be involved in the management of this project. Avitar is to get first moneys out of the project as well as a share of the profits. If this project is successful, Avitar can fund future production runs as Johnnie’s may require.

    About Avitar, Inc.:

    Avitar, Inc. is a publicly traded holding company now focusing on investing in and building a network of joint venture interests, or, as the situation may require, operating subsidiaries. These joint ventures or subsidiaries are or will be engaged in various innovative businesses. Currently the company’s joint venture interest with Johnnie’s Famous Shoes, Inc. provides Avitar with its entry into its new business model.

    Technical Outlook:

    AVTI resistance level has been triple .0004 since March of 2009. A weekly close above this level should send the stock higher to challenge the psychological .001 level in the near future. The stock is up 300% on 122 million shares traded in the morning session. Read the rest of this entry »

    Penny Stock Morning Report for June 15th 2010 IDCN, ELCR, BYOC, FEEC, SBRH

    Posted on June 15, 2010 by

    THE STOCK WIZARDS FOCUS LISTS INCLUDES: (OTC: IDCN) Indocan Resources, Inc. (OTCBB: ELCR) Electric Car Company, Inc., (OTCBB: BYOC)

    Beyond Commerce, Inc. (OTC: LYJN) Lyric Jeans, Inc., (OTC: SBRH) Sebastian River Holdings, Inc.

    Boca Raton FL, TheStockWizards.net a Top Penny Stock Newsletter & Investor Relations Firm that brings a wealth of trading resources to Small Cap Investors, has compiled a list of stocks on the OTCBB, Pink Sheet & NYSE Markets that have positive technical indicators and may provide continued trading opportunities for investors. Read the rest of this entry »

    Active OTC-OTCBB Penny Stocks with News for May 20th 2010 !! BGMO SNRS NTRZQ AMCG OOAG ACLH

    Posted on May 20, 2010 by

    THE STOCK WIZARDS FOCUS LISTS INCLUDES: (OTC: BGMO) Bergamo Acquisition Corp., (OTC:SNRS) Sunrise Consulting Group, Inc., (OTC: NTRZQ) NutraCea, (OTCBB:AMCG) Amico Games Corp., (OTC: OOAG ) OMDA Oil and Gas, Inc. (OTC: ACLH) Act Clean Technologies, Inc.

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    (OTC: BGMO — Bergamo Acquisition Corp.)


    Bergamo Acquisition Corp Initial $75 Million Tranche of $100 Million Funding Commitment

    LAS VEGAS, May 20, 2010 Bergamo Acquisition Corp. (OTC Pink Sheets: BGMO) today announced the receipt of $75 million USD as the initial funding of the $100 million USD that was previously announced. The funding has been deposited in the accounts of Bergamo FZC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Bergamo Acquisition Corp.

    Funds will be made available for the series of acquisitions as previously announced to shareholders. In order to facilitate funding of these acquisitions, Bergamo President and CEO Hillard Herzog will be arriving in Dubai on Saturday, May 23, 2010 for five days. Once in Dubai Mr. Herzog will initiate these fundings and then return to the United States.

    Hillard Herzog, Chairman and CEO of Bergamo, stated, “We are proud to announce that this initial funding is in and we will shortly be announcing the distribution of funds toward our target acquisitions. Most importantly, we accomplished this without dilution to our shares. We will explain this further shortly. We appreciate the patience that our shareholders have endured during this process. To the benefit of our shareholders, we are moving forward with our plans for transparency to make the company fully reporting and to move up to a higher exchange.”

    In coming days Bergamo Acquisition Corp. will be updating shareholders on all acquisitions and other projects in the works. Read the rest of this entry »