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    The Stock Wizards announces its Top 10 Stocks for the week of 6/21/2010

    Posted on June 19, 2010 by

    (1) BUGS (OTC) Sector: Environmental Technologies

    BUGS – U.S. Microbics

    Traders and Investors have the best of both worlds with BUGS. This is a combination of a Gulf of Mexico oil play and a seasonal hurricane play. Our money flow indicators have not seen this kind of trading action in five years. There has been a lot of money pouring into the stock lately and looks like it could go a lot higher. We are watching for the psychological .01 weekly breakout at any time. The stock will be news driven and should be paid attention to over the next 4 to 6 weeks.

    (2) ENTI (OTC) Sector:  End-to-End Technology

    ENTI – Encounter Technologies Inc.

    ENTI appears to have put in a technical double bottom on the daily chart. The stock closed Friday at its 50-day moving average for the week. We are looking forENTI to  challenge its most recent highs from early May. TSW sees the stock fully valued at .02 in the short-term.  Read the rest of this entry »

    Breaking News Technical Analysis Update for June 14th 2010 Wolverine Exploration, Inc. (OTCBB) WOLV

    Posted on June 14, 2010 by

    Boca Raton FL, TheStockWizards.net a Top Penny Stock Newsletter & Investor Relations Firm that brings a wealth of trading resources to Small Cap Investors, has compiled a list of stocks on the OTCBB, Pink Sheet & NYSE Markets that have positive technical indicators and may provide continued trading opportunities for investors.

    Wolverine Exploration Announces Executive Appointment and Outlines 2010 Exploration Program

    VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, Jun 14, 2010 Wolverine Exploration Inc. (“Wolverine”) (OTCBB: WOLV) is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Luke Rich as VP, Exploration and Business Development and to the board of directors of Wolverine. Read the rest of this entry »

    The Stock Wizards announces its Top 10 Stocks for the week of 6/14/2010

    Posted on June 12, 2010 by

    (1) WOLV (OTCBB) Sector: Junior Exploration Mineral Properties

    WOLV — Wolverine Exploration, Inc.

    WOLV made a new high this week. Based on its low market cap, TSW feels that the .50 to .60 cent area we mentioned 3 weeks ago, is still very conservative. This week’s close was very impressive. However, we do not want to see WOLV come down below .20 cents this coming week.

    (2) EVXA (OTC) Sector:  GULF Oil Clean Up

    EVXA — Enviroxtract, Inc.

    EVXA had a strong finish this week even though it didn’t close above the psychological (.005) cents. A weekly close above this level will spark another round of momentum buying to (.01).EVXA is a news driven play. Read the rest of this entry »

    The Stock Wizards announces its Top 10 Stocks for the week of 6/7/2010

    Posted on June 5, 2010 by

    The StockWizards.net top 10 stocks for the week include EXPU, CBIS,LCRE,WOLV, IDOI, KATX, GETA, POPT, CDIV,ENTI

    (1) EXPU (OTC) Sector: Financial Products and Services

    EXPU — Expert Group, Inc.

    The Stock Wizards feels that they have found a stock that’s undervalued, and should be trading at a higher level. The stock is EXPU Expert Group, Inc.

    A Sub-Penny Stock trading with a ridiculous outstanding share count of only 68 million shares. The authorize share count is 75 million.

    With a market capitalization of less than $1 million one has to scratch their head and ask why is the stock trading so low when the company has revenues and turns a profit? One thing that usually gets the attention of traders and investors is when the outstanding share count and the authorized share count are maxed out to one another which can create a very nice trading opportunity.

    Technically speaking, the stock looks very oversold on the charts. All technical indicators point for a short-term move in the stock.

    TSW likes the fact there could be a nice trade here to possibly double your money in the near future. This is definitely a stock to put on your watch list and see how it trades over the next week or so. Any unusual volume and news could spark a catalyst for the stock.

    (2)  CBIS (OTCBB) Sector:  Pharmaceutical Medical Marijuana

    CBIS — Cannabis Science, Inc.

    CBIS is trading right in the middle of the channel. Support is at .13 cents. Upper end of the channel is .23 cents. Seems to be a lot of accumulation going on. A close above the 50 day moving average .175, should get the upward momentum going. Read the rest of this entry »

    The Stock Wizards announces its Top 10 Stocks for the week of 5/31/2010

    Posted on May 29, 2010 by

    (1) CBIS (OTCBB) Sector: Pharmaceutical Medical Marijuana

    CBIS — Cannabis Science, Inc.

    CBIS had a great week as it made a 70% gain on the first day as our #1 pick this past trading week. The stock is now consolidating for a potential move higher. During the week TSW put out a special technical analysis video showing traders and investors exactly how this can play out over the next 4 to 6 weeks. Click here to watch the video. http://thestockwizards.net/category/videos/

    (2) WOLV (OTCBB) Sector: Junior Exploration Mineral Properties

    WOLV — Wolverine Exploration, Inc.

    WOLV had a great week of trading and treated our subscribers very nicely. The stock was up 70% for the week as we called this the next possible KATX trade.

    The outstanding share count on WOLV is only 76 million, which gives it a market cap of only 13 million. KATX has an outstanding share count of 641,603,000, which hit a high of .25 so far. There is plenty of upside for Wolverine Exploration, Inc. Based on the TSW Market-Cap Formula; .50 – .60 cents would be very conservative on WOLV. Read the rest of this entry »

    The Stock Wizards announces its Top 10 Stocks for the week of 5/24/2010

    Posted on May 22, 2010 by

    (1) CBIS (OTCBB) Sector:  Pharmaceutical Medical Marijuana

    CBIS — Cannabis Science, Inc.

    Medical marijuana has been a hot topic on Capitol Hill. CBIS is forming a very nice double bottom right at the bottom of the range, which makes this a very low risk trade. A weekly close above the 50-day moving average of .18 cents should get the momentum traders attention. Minor resistance .20, weekly support .10. We are watching for volume and news for indication of a breakout.  Any news out of Capitol Hill on this subject matter and this stock will explode immediately. If you’re building a list of Medical Marijuana stocks, put this at the top. With a market cap of only 8 million there is plenty of upside here.

    (2) KATX (OTC) Sector:  Mineral Exploration and Prospecting

    KATX — KAT Exploration Inc.

    TSW was very impressed with the price action while the overall market was very bearish for the week. Traders and Investors were happy when the gap was filled and reversed to close very strong on the week. The .30-cent resistance area looks to be a big number for this coming week. If we can break through and close above these levels on a weekly close that would be extremely bullish.

    KATX was profiled on the weekly top 10 under .10 right before the move started. Our subscribers have enjoyed handsome gains. If you’re not receiving the weekly top 10 delivered straight to your mailbox over the weekend, make sure you take this opportunity to do so now.  http:/bit.ly/wttemail Read the rest of this entry »