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    Stocks profiled on The Stock Wizards web site are for informational purposes only. Information on these pages contains forward - looking statements that involve risk and uncertainties. The purpose of these profiles is to make investors aware of these companies and should not in any way come across as a recommendation to buy or sell in these securities. Investing in stocks involves risk. You should consult a qualified financial advisor or broker before making any investment decisions. All profiles are based on information that is available to the public. Past performance of stocks profiled on this web site is not a guarantee as to future performance. The information contained herein should not be considered to be all-inclusive and is not guaranteed by The Stock Wizards to be free from misstatements or errors.

    The Stock Wizards directors, officers and employees may anticipate purchasing penny stocks shares mentioned in this Penny Stock newsletter or may already have purchased shares and may profit in the event those penny stocks shares rise in value. We reserve the right to buy or sell the shares of any companies mentioned in any materials we produce at any time. TheStockWizards.net officers and directors reserve the right to buy additional shares of the company discussed in their profiles and may profit in the event those shares rise in value. When TheStockWizards.net receives free trading shares as compensation for a profiled company, TheStockWizards.net may sell part or all of any such shares during the period in which TheStockWizards.net is performing such services. This compensation constitutes a conflict of interest as to our ability to remain objective in our communication regarding the profiled companies.  In addition, there may be members on this board that receive compensation for particular stock awareness without telling members, so please always use your own buy and sell signals based on your own decisions.  Any recent increase in volume or increase in stock price may be due to The StockWizards.com representatives buying. The Stock Wizards intend to sell penny stocks received as compensation for providing Company Background Information, sending opt-in emails, posting charts, videos, site moderation, consulting etc. We do not give price targets in any of our written or recorded material. The Stock Wizards will not advise as to when we decide to sell and will not offer any opinion as to when others should sell; each penny stocks investor must make that decision based on his or her judgment of the market.  Please do your own research and make your own investment decisions. Always remember that The Stock Wizards is not an analyst and we do not employ or contract any analysts. Investing in securities such as the ones mentioned on our website, in email, or consulted for are for high-risk tolerant individuals only and not the general public.

    Whether you are an experienced penny stocks investor or not, you should always consult with a licensed penny stock broker before buying or selling any securities that The Stock Wizards profiles, mentions, in email updates, consults for or interviews. If shares are restricted, The Stock Wizards may sell them when they are registered. If the penny stocks shares are freely transferable, The Stock Wizards intends to sell them. At no time will any Stock Wizards employees or affiliates undertake any activity that could be regarded in any fashion as improper or illegal. It is possible that an investor’s investment may be lost or impaired due to the speculative nature of the companies profiled.

    Many of the companies communicated in our emails or website are developmental stage companies with little or no operating or trading history. The information contained in our alerts should be viewed as commercial advertisement and is not intended to be investment opinion. The report is not provided to any particular individual with a view toward their investment circumstances. The information contained in our alerts is not an offer to buy or sell securities. We distribute opinions, comments and information free of charge to individuals who wish to receive them. Our advertisements and website have been prepared for informational purposes only and are not intended to be used as a complete source of information on any particular company. An individual should never invest in the securities of any of the companies profiles based solely on information contained in our report. Individuals should assume that all information contained in the alerts about profiled companies is not trust worthy unless verified by their own independent research. Any individual who chooses to invest in any securities should do so with caution. Investing in securities is speculative and carries a high degree of risk; you may lose some of all of the money that is invested. Always research your own investments and consult with a registered investment advisor or licensed stock broker before investing. The profiles are a service of TheStockWizards.net, a marketing and advertising firm that may have been compensated.  All direct and third party compensation received will be disclosed within each individual alert in accordance with section 17(b) of the nineteen thirty three Securities Act. Any compensation constitutes a conflict of interest as to our ability to remain objective in our communication regarding the profiled companies.

    TheStockWizards.net, its shareholders, directors, officers, and employees reserve the right to buy and sell any of the “featured company’s and or companies’” securities at any given time, have made such purchases and sales in the past, and will do so in the future. TheStockWizards.net & DMS Consulting LLC  also reserves the right to buy or sell any of the securities of any of the “featured company and or companies” during, and immediately after they are profiled in the eContent, or posted to TheStockWizards.net website, but not reasonably prior to any eContent’s release. This should be viewed as a definite conflict of interest, and as such investors should take this into consideration. Investors should be aware that any recent increase in volume and or stock price may be due to TheStockWizards.net & DMS Consulting LLC buying or selling of the “featured company and or companies” securities in the open market.

    TheStockWizards.net distributes its Electronic Content and provides other promotional services with the intention of helping the “featured company and or companies” to create public awareness of their current business and future objectives, as well as to aid in the development of a liquid trading market for the “featured company’s” securities, although there is no intent to make a market or facilitate, in any manner, the purchase and sale of the “featured company and or companies” securities. Electronic Content refers to all Electronic Material distributed and created, and/or edited by TheStockWizards.net and includes, but is not limited to Emails, Newsletters, any Social Media content such as Facebook and Twitter, Blog Postings, Video Content, Corporate Profiles, Corporate Videos, Analyst Reports, PowerPoint Presentations, CEO Video Interviews, Press releases, Banners, Images, Google Advertising, Microsoft Ad center Advertising, and/or web based discussion board postings of any kind.

    Although there is no guarantee that a liquid market will develop in the “featured company’s” securities, in the event that an active market does develop, investors should be aware that existing shareholders (controlling, or non-controlling) will be motivated to sell their shares potentially creating an oversupply scenario, under which the price of the shares is likely to experience sudden declines. At the same time, if the existing shareholder base holds shares tightly, and an active trading market develops, this may result in sudden increases in the price of the stock due to a potential undersupply scenario. In any case, there can be no guarantee that the price of the stock will reflect the fundamental value of the “featured company and or companies”. TheStockWizards.net disclaims all knowledge of the “featured company and/or companies” shareholder base, capacity for liquidity, or other means or methods of enhancing public awareness.

    Forward Looking Statements

    All forward-looking statements in this press release are expressly qualified by such cautionary statements and by reference to the underlying assumptions. None of the materials or advertisements herein constitute offers or solicitations to purchase or sell penny stocks securities of the penny stocks companies profiled herein and any decision to invest in any such penny stocks company or other financial decisions should not be made based upon the information provide herein. Instead TheStockWizards.net strongly urges you to conduct a complete due diligence of the respective penny stocks companies and consideration of all pertinent risks. Readers are advised to review SEC periodic reports: Forms 10-Q, 10K, Form 8-K, insider reports, Forms 3, 4, 5 Schedule 13D. TheStockWizards.net does not offer such advice or analysis, and TheStockWizards.net urges you to consult your own independent tax, business, financial and investment advisors. Investing in micro-cap and growth penny stocks securities is highly speculative and carries and extremely high degree of risk. It is possible that an investor’s investment may be lost or impaired due to the speculative nature of the companies profiled.

    The Stock Wizards may feature or profile a company periodically (usually for life of contract) and may remove that profile at it’s own discretion. Profiles and disclosures for those profiles may or may not remain visible on The Stock Wizards website.

    The Stock Wizards website may contain links to related websites including, but not limited to, stock charts, stock quotes, SEC data, NASD data, etc. We are not responsible for the content of or the privacy practices used by these sites. We encourage our readers to review all public filings by companies at the SEC’s EDGAR page located at SEC.gov. The NASD has published information on how to invest carefully at NASD.com.


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