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    Red Flagging Dangers in the Penny market

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    Awesome Penny Stocks:
    What We Know & What We Don’t Know
    Is Awesome Penny Stocks Really Under New Management?
    Only Wilson Davis Knows For Sure!
    August 14, 2012: Well it seems that the determined penny players are waiting with baited breath for Awesome Penny Stocks and its sisters’ new “pick” on Thursday. We place the word “pick” in quotes, because whatever the next stock to be pimped in the newest pyramid scheme is, it certainly isn’t a “pick”. Either APS is well compensated for their impressive ability to throw garbage onto the street (at least in the past), or, as has been the case with GWBUSNPK and NSRS, APS and its associates control all the paper.
    Almost everybody is expecting another long term, successful (mostly for the dumpers) Pump & Dump campaign and while we would be surprised if the “pick”, whatever it is, doesn’t come roaring out of the gate purely out of APS’ reputation, as far as expectations of a repeat performance along the lines of NSRSSNPK and to a lessor extentGWBU, we wouldn’t be too sure.
    As almost everyone is now aware, APS has gone through some changes recently. Following an accusation of spamming, 3rd party emailer, iContact, has dropped the APS newsletters as a client and now Get Response has taken over email dissemination responsibilities. A series of website host server repositions has also taken place, zig zagging the world from Costa Rica to Singapore to Canada and to Berlin. Certainly, there is an attempt to conceal the actual location from which APS is conducting their operations.
    There also purports to be a change of management at APS. Yeah, maybe.
    Certainly, there has been a lot of pressure on APS for the hundreds of millions of dollars that they have defrauded from the public in their promotion of worthless companies. We are not certain that it is not this pressure that has caused this recent game of hide and go seek and perhaps precipitated the need to appear as if a change of management has taken place. The answer as to whether an actual change of management has taken place, will be provided by market maker Wilson Davis & Co, as we will show below.
    We suggest caution before expecting the status quo on the next APS pick. If there actually has been a change of management, then the caution must be increased tenfold, since there is no guarantee that new management will be able to duplicate the successful formula of penny stock piracy that old management was so successful at executing. There are a lot of eyes on the operations of APS right now and whatever the pick, we expect that it will be undergoing a whole lot of scrutiny by the regulators, no matter whom is actually running the show. We wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if trading in the next “pick” is halted by the regulators.  At any rate, a lot of questions are out there, and both what we know and what we don’t know, leads us to question whether the next “pick” can see the success of past APS “picks” or have any long term staying power.  Consider the following conundrums:
    What We Know:
    APS has been under the magnifying glass of the regulators, and the scrutiny has intensified during the GWBU Pump & Dump. We know this for a fact because our (PumpsAndDumps.com) records, including our original Level II images that displayed the phony bids on NSRS (as we discussed in the article, “North Springs Resources (NSRS) Supports Its Pump & Dump With Phony Bids”) and GWBU (illustrated in our article, “An Hour In The Life Of The GWBU Manipulation”), were requested by four different regulators and authorities, during the course of the GWBU scheme. Of course, we happily obliged.
    What We Don’t Know
    We don’t actually know what the authorities did with the information we provided them, at their request, or if their inquiries brought about the sudden end to the GWBU manipulation. Investigators, be they from the SEC, FINRA, FBI, IRS or any other government agency, do not comment on their investigations. They just offer a polite “thank you” and move on. We also do not know if they scared the bejeezus out of APS and that is what participated all of this clandestine activity of late.
    What We Know
    The success of past APS “picks”, especially NSRSSNPK and GWBUwas assured by the fact that APS associates controlled all of the paper prior to the start of the Pump & Dump and that APS had market maker, Wilson Davis & Co. in their back pocket. Without APS’s ability to control the outflow of stock at the outset of the P&D, and without Wilson Davis providing the façade of interest in the stock by showing the phony bids that we illustrated in the aforementioned articles, there is no way that those stocks would have achieved the lofty share prices that we saw.
    What We Don’t Know
    With the sudden interest taken on by the authorities and with Wilson Davis’ participation assumed to be under scrutiny, we don’t know if you will see those larges pretend bids by WDCO that are so important to APS’s success. We certainly wouldn’t recommend jumping into an APS pick without some sign that WDCO is still on board. Certainly, the market maker’s chance for survival would be at higher risk with each P&D they facilitate for APS.
    What We Know
    APS promised that, “If GWBU doesn’t hit $2.00 we will retire, shut down our website and stop our newsletter.” Well GWBU never got past $1.95 and of course, APS is still in business. We know that APS is not above lying, as shown by the constant phony analysts’ phony projections of grandeur for all APS plays. APS’ analysts predicted prices of $15 per share for GWBU. Currently, shares trade at 2.5 cents. Also, when the stock was trading at $1.70, APS issued the statement, “As we mentioned a few days ago we intend to buy 5 million shares ofGWBU under 2 dollars, and we intend to hold it until it breaks past $10.” We promise that those 5 million shares, if they were ever bought at all, were purchased around the current 2 cent prices, because we find it ludicrous to think that that APS would buy $8 million worth of stock, at the same time they were dumping it onto the market. Unless, of course, they were engaging in illegal wash trades, which is always possible. At any rate, there is no way that the APS cohorts ever did anything but decrease their collective positions.
    What We Don’t Know
    While APS has been issuing emails touting a change of management, we are not so sure that one has taken place. The claim of change could be just a ruse to throw off the regulators. Still, perhaps having seen the writing on the wall, “old” management did decide to “get out of Dodge” with their hind quarters intact, but rather than just simply shutting down operations, they found an opportunity to cash out one more time by selling their lists and websites. If there is indeed new management at APS, you can be sure that operations will no longer include the participation of crooked market maker, Wilson Davis & Co., and therefore, it is extremely unlikely that new management will be able to experience the same success on long term plays that old management has.
    The Bottom Line: Even hard core APS fans would be wise to wait out this “pick” until Wilson Davis shows its ugly face. Without WDCO making a phony market, we are likely to witness short term gains followed by relentless dumping. Then each subsequent “pick” is likely to see shorter and shorter periods of viability.  WDCO is the key to showing whether APS is really under new management.
    For you skeptics out there, we’ll remind you that we predicted that GWBU would never reach $2.00, when the stock was trading at $1.75. Maybe you’ll miss out on gains, but isn’t it better to play on the side of caution?  After all, there’s always the next pick.  Maybe.
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