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    Trade Alert (OTC GRNO) Green Oasis

    Posted on July 29, 2010 by Dana Salvo

    GRNO — Green Oasis Environmental, Inc.

    Website: http://www.greenoasisenvironmental.com/

    Current Share Structure as of 5/12/2010 (per Transfer Agent)

    Float: 5.6 million

    Outstanding Shares: 87,062,742

    Restricted Shares: 62,300,106

    Authorized: 500,000,000

    Alerted Price:  .44 Up 60%

    Latest News: GRNO’s Wholly Owned Subsidiary Custom Carbon Processing Inc. Reports Montana Location to Be in Full Production Within 5 Days With 17,000 Barrels of Slop Oil

    About Green Oasis Environmental Inc.

    Green Oasis Environmental Inc. (GRNO) is dedicated to acquiring and providing access to world class technologies available today and has chosen to focus its efforts on seeking acquisitions of technology and/or operations concerning the remediation of slop oil, waste engine oil, and tank bottom oils. GRNO has every intention of becoming the single best option for reclaiming oil to pipeline specification from these waste products. Through the Company’s state of the art technology, GRNO will be able to process these waste products at one of their facilities or at a customer’s site by way of implementing its portable processing technology.

    Technical Outlook: July 10th 2010

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    CBWP (OTCBB) Crownbutte Wind Power

    Posted on July 28, 2010 by Dana Salvo

    CBWP — Crownbutte Wind Power, Inc.

    Website: http://www.crownbutte.com/Default.aspx

    Shares Outstanding From Latest Filing: 31,380,800

    Level 2 Update

    Alerted Price:  .15 Up 70%

    Latest News: Crownbutte Wind Power Shareholder Update for July

    About The Company

    The strategy of Crownbutte is to develop, own and operate wind parks in prime wind resource locations which have access to existing and planned transmission systems.

    Technical Outlook: July 26th 2010

    You could not ask for a better technical set up than this. CBWP is getting ready to move higher as the charts are lining up and getting bullish. The stock is right at it 50-day moving average and looks like it’s getting ready for a breakout. The upside potential looks good from here. TSW feels we could have a very low risk trade here.

    TSW has been compensated ten thousand dollars from a third party for a one week Crownbutte Wind Power (CBWP) advertising campaign.