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  • 3D Icon Corporation (TDCP.OB) Rallies on Appointment Of Optics and Materials Expert, Dr. Brian Hoover

    Written by: Sandy Whitman

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    TULSA, Okla., March 2, 2011 — 3DIcon Corporation (OTCBB:TDCP - News), a developer of volumetric, three-dimensional projection and display technologies, today announced it has appointed Dr. Brian G. Hoover as its Vice President of Technology Development. Dr. Hoover will work with 3DIcon’s Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Hakki Refai, and Technology Advisory Board Chairman, Vivek Bhaman, to reach the next technology milestones, bringing CSpace closer to market.

    tdcp,otcbbDr. Hoover is an expert in advanced optics and materials. Having received his Ph.D. in electrical engineering and optics from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Dr. Hoover studied with Prof. Emmett Leith, considered the founder of modern holography. Dr. Hoover has authored or co-authored more than fifteen papers published in scientific journals on topics of optics and materials.

    As Founder, CEO, and Senior Scientist of Albuquerque-based Advanced Optical Technologies (AOT), Dr. Hoover conducted research and development on a range of topics in physical optics, including laser metrology, material characterization, nanotechnology, and remote sensing based on advanced techniques in laser scattering and polarimetry, as well as syntheses of polymer photonic and biomedical devices. AOT is a prime Department of Defense contractor supporting the U.S. Air Force and Army. Prior to founding AOT, Dr. Hoover served as Optical Scientist at Applied Technology Associates and Advanced Technology Engineer in fiber telecommunications at Celeste Optics. He was Postdoctoral Fellow and Research Assistant in the fields of photonics, optics, and polymer films at the University of Michigan and University of Houston.

    “I’m excited to help 3DIcon bring the latest advancements in 3D imaging to market. Having worked on the frontier of laser and optical technologies for the Department of Defense, I know how important 3D imaging is to future military capabilities, and I look forward to working with 3DIcon’s technology team to meet the requisite milestones for CSpace to reach customers in government and industry,” stated Dr. Hoover.

    “We welcome Dr. Hoover to our technology team. His specific blend of expertise will be a significant contribution to the further development of CSpace. We are currently focused on the creation of our next-generation image space, which involves synthesis of the most advanced materials, into which our lasers project 3D images. His unique combination of skills is an asset to our team,” added 3DIcon Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Hakki Refai.

    About 3DIcon Corporation

    3DIcon Corporation is a developer of groundbreaking 3D projection and display technologies that are designed to produce full color, high-resolution, 360-degree volumetric images, a development many consider to be the next step in 3D display technology. CSpace creates both dense and translucent images for use in mission critical functions including healthcare, security and defense. CSpace enables viewing inside organs, cargo containers, and baggage, as well as large scale terrain such as oceans and mountains, all of which are beyond the capabilities of other current display methodologies. The company also offers a software product, Pixel Precision(R), which targets the R&D market for developers using Texas Instruments’ DLP(R) line of products. For visualization of CSpace images please visit www.3dicon.net.

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