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  • Certified Food Co. LOUISIANA FOOD (LUSI.OB) Shares Exploded 44% on Selling of Jammin Jambalaya

    Written by: Dana Salvo

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    LOUISIANA FOOD CO (LUSI.OB)BATON ROUGE, LA-(Marketwire -09/22/11)- Louisiana Food Company (OTC.BB: LUSI.OB - News), a purveyor of "Certified" Louisiana specialty food products, today announced that, beginning early in the fourth quarter, its best-selling packaged dry product, Jammin’ Jambalaya, will be packaged in economical, environmentally friendly "paper cans." According to LUSI’s President, David Loflin, the company’s switch to paper cans is important in three significant ways: greater impact of striking label artwork, greater flexibility of use in retail displays and, most importantly, lower packaging cost per unit. LUSI plans to make the first deliveries of its newly packaged Jammin’ Jambalaya early in the fourth quarter of this year, the same time as it will available online at www.louisianafoodcompany.com.

    "We think the switch to paper cans will make our products jump off the shelves as shoppers walk by, because our eye-catching label artwork is now so very apparent," said Mr. Loflin. "And as for our Jammin’ Jambalaya, it has become our best-seller — it’s a great-tasting version of a South Louisiana favorite," he added.

    As with all of LUSI’s other products, the Jammin’ Jambalaya paper can labeling will carry with it a story inspired by the history, the culture and the people of South Louisiana:

    "The cool early-November breeze was refreshing. From the open window of her third floor flat, Janie watched quietly, as dusk descended over the French Quarter, happy revelers filling the street below. ‘Some way to spend my first night alone in the city,’ she mused, closing the window, suddenly missing home. ‘Not giving in!’ Janie said out loud to no one, as she hurried to the kitchen. There, she threw a big pan on the stove, turned on the burner and poured in some oil. She grabbed the chicken, sausage and vegetables from the fridge, and started chopping. .. onion, celery, bell pepper, garlic, down in the pan, smells of home filling the air. Startled by three loud knocks, Janie scurried over to the door and opened it slowly. Eight smiling faces looked back at her. ‘Hi, I’m Tommy, this is my girlfriend, Cindy, and this is everyone’ the visitor said. ‘Hi Tommy and Cindy and everyone, I’m Janie. Come in,’ she said closing the door, ‘I’m just fixing some Jambalaya - a little homesick, I guess.’ Laughing, Cindy said, ‘well, it smelled so good we just had to come meet the new chef in town, and we brought the wine. Welcome to New Orleans, Janie.’ You don’t have to be new in town to start your party with our Jammin’ Jambalaya… your neighbors will love it…" — continued at www.louisianafoodcompany.com/jambalaya.

    Capturing South Louisiana

    From the outset, LUSI’s management has believed that the rich and diverse cultural heritage of South Louisiana would provide a natural source of inspiration for its product labels. As works of art, LUSI’s product labels capture the movement and energy that is South Louisiana — they are "eye-grabbers," and retailer and consumer response to the labels has been extremely positive.

    About Louisiana Food Company

    LUSI is devoted to locating, developing and commercializing food-related business opportunities in the State of Louisiana. Currently, LUSI has established three lines of "Certified" Louisiana specialty food products: PACKAGED DRY PRODUCTS (marketed under LUSI’s "Louisiana Food Company" brand name), (2) SAUCE PRODUCTS (to be marketed under LUSI’s "The Quarter’s" brand name) and (3) COFFEE PRODUCTS (marketed under LUSI’s "Voodoo Roast" brand name). LFC’s specialty food products are sold through distributors, directly to retail grocery stores, directly to other retailers and directly to consumers through its online store located at: www.louisianafoodcompany.com.

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