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  • OTC Penny Stock Alerts With News For Sept 21,2010 SPAH, PCPZ, CSGH, ZOOM

    Written by: Dana Salvo

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    SPAH Moving on News

    otc spahSept 21, 2010 Boca Raton, FL– TheStockwizards.net analyzes up-to-the-minute OTC-OTCBB, NYSE, and NASDAQ Small,Micro Cap Penny Stocks like OTC SPAH that are active gainers on news. TSW looks for penny stocks like OTC SPAH that have active volume & strong momentum, percentage gainers for the mid-morning session The best penny stocks included are: SPAH,PCPZ,CSGH,ZOOM

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    (OTC: SPAH — Spectrum Acquisition Holdings, Inc.)


    Spectrum Prospects Gold Claims in California

    AUSTIN, Texas, Sep 21, 2010 — Spectrum Acquisition Holdings, Inc. (Pink Sheets: SPAH), a growing mining exploration, technology and services organization, has taken a new interest in the old California Gold Route. spah

    As gold hits an all time record high this month, in addition to its high in June 2010, prospecting for the right gold claim has become an even higher priority for Spectrum Acquisition Holdings. spah

    With gold at $1,276.50 an ounce this September, which is $10 more than in June, financial experts such as Alix Steel point out the benefits that this has on Gold Mining Stocks in his September 14th 2010 article, Gold Prices Surge to Record High. In it he claims, “Gold mining stocks, a risky but potentially profitable way to buy gold, were rising Tuesday.”

    This new surge has lead SPAH Spectrum Acquisition Holdings to focus its prospecting for Gold Claims in California.

    SPAH Spectrum CEO Dale Henry comments, “We are doing an extensive research of the remaining gold claims in California, which might still contain good veins for gold mining. We are excited about this prospect not only for the possible revenue, but also for its historical significance.”

    The Californian Gold Rush began back in 1848, but really skyrocketed in 1849, hence the nickname “forty-niners.” Although the first to seek out gold were the Californians for their proximity, it soon became an international escapade. People from as close to Latin America and as far as from China were sailing to California for a chance to strike it rich.

    It is estimated that 90,000 people arrived in California in 1848. By the 1890s, when dredging was invented, it is estimated that a total of 20 million ounces of gold were recovered, that is approximately US$12 billion dollars worth. As easy gold got harder to mine, new technologies emerged and the necessity to extract ore gold lead to digging, dynamite blasting and leaching for gold, which is something expensive that only big companies and the wealthiest of men could afford. Many gold claims were abandoned due to the lack of proper equipment to mine for gold, and remain intact till today.

    About Spectrum Acquisition Holdings, Inc. (SPAH.PK)

    Spectrum Acquisition Holdings is executing a three-pronged strategy for growth. The Company is acquiring interests in high quality, low-risk gold projects with past production and sizeable resources. Spectrum is developing technology solutions to enable more sustainable, smaller footprint mineral exploration, production and processing. Spectrum is also pursuing acquisitions of mining sector service companies including operators, mine site service providers, equipment manufacturers, geology firms and technology developers.

    (OTCBB: PCPZ — Leeward Group Holdings Inc.)

    Current News !!

    Leeward Group Initiates Push Into Life & Health Insurance

    PENNINGTON, NJ, Sep 21, 2010 — Leeward Group Holdings Inc. (OTCBB: PCPZ) announced today that it is initiating its marketing push into Life and Health insurance. Leeward Group has an agency foundation for property and casualty insurance that will serve as the launching pad for this initiative. Last year in the United States, Life & Health insurance premiums accounted for an estimated $600 Billion. Health insurance is one of the largest employer expenses after payroll.

    Kevin Coughlin, CEO of Leeward, stated that, “We are aiming to grow this segment of our business. With the new pending health insurance regulations, companies and individuals will need solutions. We have a number of initiatives that we will be executing that we hope will increase our presence in this segment of the market.”

    Leeward Group Holdings Inc. through its wholly owned subsidiaries operates a full-service insurance agency and consulting firm serving businesses and individuals throughout the Northeastern United States.

    The Company is based in Pennington, New Jersey and it has five retail locations. Three of the locations are in New England while the other two are in the Mid-Atlantic. With licenses in all 50 States, the Company offers Property & Casualty, Life & Health and specialty insurance programs for business, individuals, associations and groups throughout the United States.

    (OTCBB: CSGH — China Sun Group High-Tech Co.)

    Current News !!

    China Sun Group High-Tech Co. Signs Agreement with Huanyu Power Source Co., Ltd

    DALIAN, China, Sept 21, 2010 /- DALIAN, China, Sept. 21 FirstCall/- China Sun Group High-Tech Co. (OTC Bulletin Board: CSGH) (“China Sun Group” or the “Company”), a vertically integrated supplier of raw materials for rechargeable Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries in China, today announced that it has signed an agreement to supply Huanyu Power Source Co., Ltd. (“Huanyu”) with a minimum of 40 tons of Lithium Iron Phosphate (LIP) by the end of calendar year 2010.

    China Sun Group’s management believes that the total amount of LIP sold to Huanyu by the end of the current year will be approximately 60 tons.

    Prior to signing the contract, Huanyu spent three months testing China Sun Group’s LIP material and an additional three and half months testing the Li-battery applications for the LIP material. Both tests successfully met Huanyu’s production standards. China Sun Group and Huanyu have agreed to hold a meeting at the end of December to discuss Huanyu’s LIP requirements for calendar year 2011.

    Huanyu Power Source Co., Ltd. began its main business of R&D, manufacture and distribution of replacement batteries in 1982. Huanyu has established a hi-tech industrial park engaged in the production of Nickel Cadmium, Nickel Hydrogen, Lithium ion and Lead Acid batteries, in more than 100 models with a daily capacity in excess of 2 million secondary batteries. Huanyu currently has more than 10,000 employees with 400 dedicated to research.

    “We are excited to announce our first agreement with Huanyu Power Source Co. as Huanyu is the first company to manufacture batteries at the China New Energy Automobile Production Experimental Site,” commented Mr. Guosheng Fu, the recently appointed Chief Executive Officer of China Sun Group High-tech Co. “The agreement is a great start as we seek to expand our LIP market, and begin the industrialization of our LIP production line.”

    About China Sun Group High-Tech Co.

    China Sun Group High-Tech Co. (“China Sun Group”) produces anode materials used in lithium ion batteries. Through its wholly-owned operating subsidiary, Dalian Xinyang High-Tech Development Co. Ltd (“DLX”), the Company primarily produces cobaltosic oxide and lithium cobalt oxide. According to the China Battery Industry Association, DLX has the second largest cobalt series production capacity in the People’s Republic of China. Through its research and development division, DLX owns a proprietary series of nanometer technologies that supply state-of-the-art components for advanced lithium ion batteries. Leveraging its state-of-the-art technology, high-quality product line and scalable production capacity, the Company has recently diversified into the manufacture of LIP and plans to forward integrate to manufacture of power Li-ion batteries. For more information, visit http://www.china-sun.cn .

    (NASDAQ: ZOOM — Zoom Technologies, Inc.)

    Current News !!

    Zoom Technologies Receives Additional Orders From Beijing Tianyu

    BEIJING, Sep 21, 2010 — Zoom Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: ZOOM), a leading China based manufacturer of mobile phones and related products, today announced it has received an increase in orders from Beijing Tianyu, its largest EMS customers. Beginning in the fourth quarter of 2010, Beijing Tianyu will increase its orders by an additional 500,000 units per month, or 1.5 million units per quarter, when fully ramped. Before the increase, Zoom’s orders from Beijing Tianyu were about 2.2 million units per quarter, comprising of approximately half in PCBA (main circuitry) units and half in whole mobile phones.

    Mr. Lei Gu, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Zoom Technologies, stated, “The increase in mobile phones manufactured by Zoom Technologies directly reflects the strength of the Chinese macroeconomic environment, the robust mobile phone industry and Zoom’s strategy to gain market share. We highly value the confidence Tianyu has expressed in Zoom Technologies and we share the same goals of expansion and technology development. Also propelling Zoom’s market opportunity is China’s low penetration rate in mobile phone usage of only 55%, as compared to over 90% in many developed countries.”

    About Zoom Technologies Zoom Technologies is a holding company with subsidiaries that engage in the manufacturing, research and development, and sale of electronic and telecommunication products for 3rd generation mobile phones, wireless communication circuitry, and related software products. Zoom Technologies’ subsidiary, Jiangsu Leimone, owns a majority stake of TCB Digital, which offers highly customized and high quality Electronic Manufacturing Service (EMS) for Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) customers as well as its Own Brand Manufacturing (OBM) under the brand name of Leimone. The company’s products are both exported and sold domestically.

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