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  • Small Cap Penny Stock Newsletter Reviews 5 Stocks With News For June 29th 2010!! AVTI,BEHL,GOIG,SNSR,VIDA

    Written by: Dana Salvo

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    THE STOCK WIZARDS FOCUS LISTS INCLUDES: (OTC: ATVI) Avitar, Inc. (OTC: BEHL) Biocentric Energy Holdings, Inc. (OTC: GOIG) GoIP Global, Inc. (OTCBB:SNSR ) Sanswire Corp. (OTCBB: VIDA ) Vidaroo Corp

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    (OTC: AVTI — Avitar, Inc.)


    Avitar, Inc. Enters JV Agreement With Johnnie’s Famous Shoes

    CALGARY, AB, Jun 29, 2010 - Avitar, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: AVTI) announced that it has entered a Joint Venture Agreement with Johnnie’s Famous Shoes, Inc. (“Johnnie’s”) of New York for the purpose of financing, producing and distributing its summer run of high end, luxury, Men’s footwear.

    Johnnie’s has brought back some of the famous top end designs from the 1980s that are coming back into style, and has established sales channels through some of the top retailers in the United States.

    Avitar, Inc. has agreed to finance the summer run of production as well as to be involved in the management of this project. Avitar is to get first moneys out of the project as well as a share of the profits. If this project is successful, Avitar can fund future production runs as Johnnie’s may require.

    About Avitar, Inc.:

    Avitar, Inc. is a publicly traded holding company now focusing on investing in and building a network of joint venture interests, or, as the situation may require, operating subsidiaries. These joint ventures or subsidiaries are or will be engaged in various innovative businesses. Currently the company’s joint venture interest with Johnnie’s Famous Shoes, Inc. provides Avitar with its entry into its new business model.

    Technical Outlook:

    AVTI resistance level has been triple .0004 since March of 2009. A weekly close above this level should send the stock higher to challenge the psychological .001 level in the near future. The stock is up 300% on 122 million shares traded in the morning session.


    (OTC: BEHL — Biocentric Energy Holdings, Inc.)

    Current News !!

    BioCentric Energy Announces Major Algae Growth in PBR Systems After Tubing Enhancements

    SANTA ANA, Calif., Jun 29, 2010 — BioCentric Energy Holdings, Inc. (Pink Sheets:BEHL) announced MAJOR algae growth in the company’s closed loop PhotoBioreactor systems after significant enhancements to the tubing materials.

    Company President Monique Berry stated today, “I am pleased to announce the following results as a major improvement to our PBR closed Loop systems tubing enhancements.”

    Ms. Berry stated, “Within a week of inoculating the commercial test PBR system at the Company’s headquarters in Santa Ana, CA, the algae has grown and is thriving exceeding all projections and expectations. With the controlled exposure of the sun’s rays, nutrients, water, temperature control and other elements, the company’s closed-loop system created a perfect environment for the algae to grow at an enhanced level.”

    View the system live (Watch Algae Grow) at:

    Currently the PBR hardware and components have been optimized and are requiring minimal maintenance and supervision. BioCentric lab technicians are monitoring the pH levels and recording the algae vital stats 24/7.

    Although the Company has replaced the former plastic tubing with highly robust durable plastic tubing (warrantied for 2 years) BioCentric Energy is extremely confident in their PBR systems ability and IP to consistently grow mass quantities of algae in a sterile environment at surpassed levels offered by competitors. BioCentric Energy’s Field Operations Director, Jose Sanchez, has been validating the algae production in the commercial demo PBR this past week and stated, “We have met and surpassed the commercial production rates for growing algae beyond all previous levels of expectation.”

    BioCentric Energy’s secondary gravity-fed PBR system also located at the Company’s Santa Ana, CA headquarters is now operational and will be inoculated with a proprietary algae strain within the week. This PBR system will test the growth rates and nutrient requirements in a commercial environment.

    The Company’s first commercial JV site located in DVJ (Death Valley Junction CA) , is progressing as planned and BioCentric Energy is meeting all projected timelines for the project. After the successful deployment of the 4 CAB (controlled algae basin) liners last week, BioCentric Energy Founder Dennis Fisher enthusiastically commented, “Earlier we confirmed that the DVJ site had a plentiful water source that would be used in the CAB to keep the algae cool and at a stable temperature. Surprisingly, the water is 15 degrees colder than anticipated. This will greatly help with the cooling operation and may increase the growth rate of the algae.”

    In the weeks prior to July 7th, (the anticipated delivery date for the enhanced PBR plastic tubing) the Company’s lab technicians will be working assiduously to scale up algae inoculum for the Wall Unit and Cubes. When the new PBR system is operational, the algae inoculum from these units (Wall and Cubes) will be placed into BioCentric Energy’s PBR system. This will also serve as the inoculum that will be delivered and used at the DVJ site.

    Ms. Berry further commented, “As today is the last Tuesday of the month, the Company will be releasing its “In Touch Tuesday Newsletter” to all shareholders subscribing to the mailing list. To receive the BioCentric Energy newsletter please visit the Company’s website www.biocentricenergy.com and fill out the mailing list form.”


    (OTC: GOIG — GoIP Global, Inc.)

    Current News !!

    GoIP Signs $5 Million LOI With Chinese Industrialist From Nanjing

    NEW YORK, NY, Jun 29, 2010 — GoIP Global, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: GOIG) further to yesterday’s news that Mr. Ike H. Sutton, the Company’s CEO, signed a LOI (Letter of Intent) in China last week with Mr. Yidong Fu, a Chinese Industrialist. Mr. Yidong Fu is a native of Nanjing, China and a major Shareholder/CEO of NUS, one of the largest Stainless Steel manufacturers in China. NUS - Nanjing Union Strong Metallurgical Group Corporation has 13 subsidiaries, such as Nanjing Union Strong Stainless Steel Co. Ltd., Nanjing Union Strong Specialty Steel Co. Ltd., Nanjing Union Strong Equipment Building and Erection Co. Ltd., Nanjing Union Strong Real Estate Development Co. Ltd., Nanjing Union Strong Construction Co. Ltd., and others.

    NUS recently completed the construction of the Nanjing Union Strong International Building in the booming Hexi District in Nanjing City facing the Olympic Center, a steel structure that parallels the Chrysler building in Manhattan for its importance and location.

    Photos of the recent event can be seen by clicking on http://go800corp.com/p532.

    Mr. Sutton’s voice recording of the past weeks news can be heard by texting GOIG to 46800.

    About GoIP Global, Inc. and GO800, LLC GoIP Global offers a range of services, solutions and tools for brands, agencies, content providers, online portals, entertainment and media companies. GoIP Global offers brand and content customers great flexibility in creating mobile marketing campaigns and applications. Through its subsidiary GO800, LLC, GO800(TM), a new patent pending text messaging service, which launched in 2010, enables advertisers to incorporate a text prompt in their advertisements, prompting consumers to contact them through a text message rather than calling a 1-800 toll free number. For More Information visit www.goipglobal.com, www.go800corp.com or www.facebook.com/go800. The GO800 video can be viewed and shared on iPhone, Blackberry, or Android from this URL: http://go800.delivr.com/1194v.


    (OTCBB: SNSR— Sanswire Corp.)


    Sanswire’s STS-111 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Arrives in US

    AVENTURA, FL, Jun 29, 2010 — Sanswire Corporation (OTCBB: SNSR), a developer and producer of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), announces that its newest UAV, the STS-111, has arrived in the US from its development site in Germany.

    Sanswire has turned the STS-111 over to specialized electronics engineering firm, Eastcor Engineering LLC, to perform the initial inspection of the craft and to begin the integration of intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) technologies into the UAV’s sensor bay. Eastcor has already undertaken similar work on Sanswire’s SkySat UAV.

    Chairman of Sanswire’s Board Mr. Michael Clark said, “We are working with Eastcor and our other partners to bring the STS-111 to the marketplace as quickly as possible. My main focus of effort at this point is to get the craft fully integrated and tested with possible payloads and ready for sale. This focused effort, along with my desire to expand the scope of the flight demonstration, has necessitated a rescheduling of the planned flight demo and its relocation to a flight field near Eastcor’s facilities in Maryland. I know our shareholders and investors are anxious to see the craft in action, but before we do that, we must work on making the craft fully operational and ready for the market.”

    Sanswire CEO Mr. Glenn Estrella went on to say, “This is an important time in our company’s history. We are about to cross the threshold from a development stage company to a fully functional commercial enterprise. That means that we must focus on producing product and generating future sales and revenues. The important work that Eastcor and our other partners will be doing for us in the near future helps make that goal a reality.”

    Additional information on the flight demonstration of the STS-111 and the SkySat UAV’s will be made available at a later date.

    About Sanswire Corp.

    Sanswire Corp. (OTCBB: SNSR) is a developer of integrated aerospace communications products and services. The company specializes in the design and construction of autonomous, lighter-than-air UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) capable of carrying payloads that provide persistent security solutions at low, mid, and high altitudes. Sanswire’s airships and auxiliary products are designed for use by commercial and government-related entities that require real-time intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance support for homeland defense, maritime, and border missions. The company’s long-term objective is to develop and deliver state-of-the-art airship technology that will operate at a stratospheric height with a broad set of government and commercial solutions.


    (OTCBB: VIDA — Vidaroo Corp)


    Vidaroo Goes Country! Selected to Provide Video Production for Grammy Winning Artist Keith Urban, Summer Lovin’ 2010 Tour

    ORLANDO, Fla., Jun 29, 2010 — Vidaroo Corporation (OTCBB:VIDA) announced today that it was selected by world renowned Grammy winning artist Keith Urban to provide creative visual elements and video production for the Summer Lovin’ 2010 Tour which has launched for next show to be July 08, 2010 at the Cavendish Beach Music Festival in Canada at time of this release.

    “Working once again with Marc Brickman and newly with the people involved in the Keith Urban tour is incredibly rewarding for us. Marc’s team of course is first class, but this is our first real taste of country on this scale, and it was a creative challenge for us. But it was fun none the less and the results are going to be great for the audience,” Production Director Ian McDaniel states.

    Vidaroo provided creative design and digital video elements for the tour which was already in progress, but the creative minds behind the show knew visually there could be more. Vidaroo was both excited and honored they thought of us as a solution. The Keith Urban 2010 Summer Lovin’ Tour has scheduled shows across the United States and Canada on sale now.

    “The fact that Vidaroo was chosen to work with the Summer Lovin’ tour and Marc Brickman came back to us again is a testament to our effectiveness.”

    “We are honored that Vidaroo was chosen to bring the Summer Lovin’ Tour to life in video for Keith Urban fans worldwide,” says Mark Argneti, CEO of Vidaroo. “The continued level of service to our customers in the live concert video arena is always a priority, and we are extremely proud of our work and the clients we serve.”

    About Vidaroo Corporation

    Vidaroo Corporation is a video technology company that provides the best-in-breed Online Video Platform, video production and advertising on its Online Video Network that reaches over 10 million visitors monthly. Vidaroo’s Online Video Platform, Online Video Advertising Network and video production has earned the trust of a growing customer base including advertising agencies, iconic artists, media companies, organizations, businesses, and national brands such as Microsoft, Coca-Cola Company, Tribune News Company, Toyota, Emmis Communications, Clear Channel, Black Eyed Peas, Mary J. Blige, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake and more. Vidaroo’s Online Video Publishing Technology enables firms to easily create, deliver and monetize video and advertising delivery. vidaroo.com


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