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    Written by: Dana Salvo

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    TRADE ALERT: (OTC: GRNO) Green Oasis Inc.

    Today’s Close .71 cents.

    Are the bulls ready to roar ahead on GRNO?  TSW thinks so!

    The Bulls have held their ground the last 2 trading days. Today’s tape was very impressive as the Bulls came roaring back once again to keep the pressure on the Bears.

    TSW recently introduced the small cap community to a group of united market makers that short stocks called the Rat Pack. It appears the Rat Pack failed pretty bad at attempting to take GRNO down for the count.Looks like most of them have disappeared with the exception of NOBL.

    TSW feels that the squeeze on the shorts could start as early as tomorrow. Tomorrow is Friday and a weekly close of .71 cents or higher would be a fantastic start for next week’s trading session. It wouldn’t surprise us if GRNO gapped above resistance tomorrow morning. If the stock dips on the open, bears would only be doing longs a big favor. Congratulations to the Bulls for keeping the faith and fighting the fight.

    TSW is looking at two resistance levels if the squeeze starts in the next few days. Those levels are a $1.00 and $1.20.

    One last thing we are watching. We noticed a new market maker that showed up on level II today with the ID: ASEL (Tradition Asiel Securities) http://www.tradition-asiel.com. TSW will be keeping a close eye on the activity of ASEL.

    TSW is urging all of its members and subscribers to take a hard look at GRNO as a trading opportunity.  Resistance .74. Support .60. We would like to see the stock stay above .60 cents for the trade to play out positive. If the stock were to break below .60 cents, something would definitely be wrong. However, at this point, the chart is set up and ready to go.

    Good luck to the longs.

    TSW has not been compensated for this GRNO alert.

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