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    Awesome Penny Stocks - What Really Happened?

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    Awesome Penny Stocks  - What’s the real deal?

    What Happened?  That’s the question we have, along with many other stock traders.

    After a flurry of rumors and hype concerning VLNX- (Vision Plasma Systems, INC.), AWESOME PENNY STOCKS sent emails to their subscribers announcing it as its next pick.  The days that followed that announcement turned into a blood bath for most everyone that bought the stock.  A nosedive took place as millions of shares flooded the market and investors took massive losses.  So, What Happened?   Was this a pump and dump?

    Many questions have surfaced concerning the future of APS as well as thousands of irate investors.  It seems we have not heard the last of them.  APS is already sending teasers about their next upcoming pick for this Monday. I’m sure many will be taking a cautious approach this time. In the mean time I would suggest those of you who previously drank the APS Kool-Aid consider other options. Not all Penny Stock Newsletters are a scam. A select few online newsletter sites have a consistent track record and good intentions.

    There are many other awareness groups that work with real companies with bright futures.  My advice to anyone wanting to make profits in the penny stock market:

    1. Do your own due diligence!  

    2. Do not buy stocks that have a huge market cap that is not justified by fundamentals!  

    3. Do not fall for the excessive HYPE!

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