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    Penny Stocks on Fire for September 16th FDMF, TECO, TLGN, SRCH, ALZM

    Posted on September 16, 2011 by Dana Salvo

    Freedom Energy Holdings, Inc. (FDMF.PK) Leads Nightly Small-Cap Business Report

    September 16, 2011 West Palm Beach, Fla. – Thestockwizards.net  OTC Penny Stocks closing on strong gains FDMF, TECO, TLGN, SRCH, ALZM as stocks rallied for a fifth day on Friday on hopes Europe was on course to solve its debt problems, but investors warned of sharp reversals if real solutions failed to materialize.

    Market Internals

    OTCBB Total Volume for 332, 093, 791 Million, Advancing Issues  for 354 Declining Issues 411

    Pink Sheets Total volume 3.3Billion Shares, Advancing issues 1531 Declining issues 1304

    The most active bullish penny stocks at the close of trading includes: FDMF, TECO, TLGN, SRCH, ALZM.

    Freedom Energy Holdings, Inc. (FDMF.PK) 1-Freedom Energy Holdings, Inc. (FDMF.PK) Close .0056 gaining 12% on robust volume of  50.6 million shares exchanging hands at the close.

    MDMF had a technical breakout above the 20 day moving average in today’s trading session. Traders and investors will focus in on the weekly breakout above the 30 day moving average line at .007.

    Freedom Energy Holdings, Inc. specializes in the identification and development of technologies with applications in the energy industry sector. The company offers solutions for the exploitation, moving, and cleaning of heavy oil.

    2-Treaty Energy Corporation (TECO.PK) last trade .041 advancing 17.14% on overall increasing volume of 2.8 million shares at the close of trade.

    Energy and commodity stocks are dominating the penny stock market at the moment and another great example is TECO. The stock is coming out very oversold conditions with traders anticipating a breakout above the 50 day moving average in the short-term.

    Treaty Energy Corporation engages in the acquisition, development, and production of oil and natural gas in the United States.

    3-Totally Green, Inc. (TLGN.PK) close .08 moving up 1429% on better than average volume of 1.4 million shares exchanging hands on the day.

    TLGN had a nice technical rally over the last several trading days. traders and investors will be watching closely for a consolidation phase right underneath the 200 day moving average over the next 3-5 trading days. Breaking the 200 day moving average coming out of a consolidation period would be very healthy for the stock.

    Totally Green, Inc. manufactures, sells, and distributes Ingeo water bottles for the food service industry in the United States.

    4-Searchlight Minerals Corp. (SRCH.OB) last tick $.92 up ticking 6.36% on overall increasing volume of 796, 691 shares at the close of trade.

    One of the nicest looking technical charts in the penny stock market, SRCH exploded out of a very nice consolidation pattern closing above the mental $1.00 level ending the week on a very strong technical note. traders and investors will be watching this emotional level as a major support zone in next week’s trading.

    Searchlight Minerals Corp., an exploration stage company, engages in the exploration, acquisition, and development of mining and mineral properties, as well as in slag reprocessing projects.

    5-Stanford Management Ltd. (ALZM.OB) last .715 gaining of 14.26% on surging volume of 731, 762 shares.

    ALZM had an explosive breakout above the technical 100 day moving average line in today’s trading. ALZM  closed at its high of day ending the week on a very strong technical note.

    Allezoe Medical Holdings, Inc., a biomedical company, develops, patents, and sells portable hypothermic, oxygenated preservation, and transport technology for human organs.

    About Thestockwizards.net

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    Penny Stock Picks MDMF

    Penny Stocks Online: Understanding Profits

    Posted on March 5, 2010 by Dana Salvo

    Are you unable to make much sense out of the stock market news on CNBC that tries to make everything sound important? Well, investing in stock markets is a tricky proposition and what is required is an ability to garner useful information. Penny stocks online will help you make sound decisions in the stock market and also gain useful insights into the working of the stock markets.

    Penny stocks are unique in the sense that they operate at a very low price band. This makes them very attractive and generates a lot of volume on the counter. However, before investing in these stocks it is important to understand the dynamics of the market. Penny stocks online will help you evaluate the correct value of these stocks and invest at the right time.

    Penny stocks online tries to determine the fair value of the penny stocks by focusing on market capitalization. This can serve as a guiding light for arriving at the correct price of these stocks. A detailed analysis of market capitalization and chart movements can prove to be very helpful for arriving at the right value of a penny stock in the absence of other indicators. A detailed research about the past trends will surely go a long way in ensuring that you know exactly where your hard earned money is going.

    Investing in penny stocks can help you make profits from the stock market on a daily basis. Penny stocks present excellent opportunities for day trading and can help you take your first steps in the stock market. The penny stocks newsletter will enable you to understand the fundamentals of the stock market and keep you updated about the changes. Investing in stock markets can help you in becoming very disciplined and organized in life too. It is surely the best way to make good profits and also make your life organized.

    The Stock Wizards offer sound research and advice as far as investing in the penny stocks is concerned. The company also offers periodic newsletters and alerts to keep you updated about the market. The company ensures that you are updated about all the happenings in the stock markets through its high beam research. The website www.thestockwizards.net offers complete information about the company and the services it offers.

    Stock Penny: Helping You Understand the Finer Details of Investing

    Posted on by Dana Salvo

    Do you think that the stock market is too complicated for you to understand? Well, then maybe you are right. If you a novice in the stock market, you should always welcome sound advice and research. A proper guidance can help you make sense out of the stock penny market and also profit from it. Investing in the stock market requires a careful approach and holistic research.

    Stock penny is one of the most popularly traded scripts in the market owing to their low price. However there is a lot of dynamics involved while trading in these stocks and even a little bit of negligence can result in a loss. Investing in a stock penny requires looking beyond the obvious and an ability to read between the lines. Understanding the correct valuation is the key to making profits in penny stock companies.

    At the core of a sound penny stock advice lies the concept of market capitalization. As stock penny are usually sold at a very low price, analyzing market capitalization is very important to arrive at their correct value. The penny stocks may lose all of their value in the long run, so you need to act smartly.

    There are various guidelines for penny stock investors one of which is identifying the ‘Rat Packs’ who are a group of investors determining the movements of the penny stocks.

    Following the standard guideline can help you make handsome profits as far as stock penny is concerned. However you can even expand your horizon and invest in stock market in a smarter way with the help of services like technical analysis and fundamental analysis. These services will help you time the market and determine the best time to enter or leave a stock. Investing smartly can help you generate profits from the stock markets.

    The Stock market can provide you with a fortune provided you invest with a sound fundamental backing and detailed research. Investing is stock market will also help you become methodical in life and pay attention to even the smallest details. With sound research and thorough analysis the stock market will surely start making sense for you!

    The Stock Wizards offer sound research and advice as far as investing in the penny stocks is concerned. The website www.thestockwizards.net offers complete information about the company and its services.