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    Could XCHC be the next Hot Cannabis Stock?

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    TheStockWizards.net  has XCHC on high alert.

    Cannabis stocks such as CBIS, MJNA and MDBX have been on fire lately!


    XCHC has been getting some extra attention lately following recent news that X-Change Corp has acquired both the Cannabis Science (CBIS) ”Phytiva” Brand and the Cannabis Science joint venture with Dupetit Natural Products, GmbH, based in Germany.

    Begin your research here: http://www.phytiva.com/


    XCHC offers a line of personal care products:

        Lip Balm

        Moisturizing Cream


        Anti-Aging Serum

    The first products to be released under the Phytiva Brand will be unique lines of anti-aging skin care and rejuvenation products with innovative and proprietary hemp formulations. These initial products are expected to include lip balms, extracts, supplements and dermal creams, all targeting a wide range of cosmetic and ailment-related usages.

    The personal care market is estimated at $350 billion in 2012, with skin care growing approximately 7% over the next five years. The U.S. cosmeceuticals market is estimated at about $5-6 billion, while in the EU the market is worth between $3 and $5 billion. The Japanese is a market worth of about $ 6-8 billion.

    The company will maintain an aggressive posture to develop on-going and dynamic lines of retail, professional, physician-based, and private-label products for over-the-counter (OTC) sales under the Brand “Phytiva.” The immediate aim is to distribute its Cosmoceutical (cosmetic) and Nutraceutical (nutrition) products for OTC markets throughout Europe and North & South America.

    XCHC will target the global Cosmoceutical market, which is estimated to be over $55 billion dollars on an annual basis.  Further, the company plans to market its anti-aging, rejuvenating products in a global campaign which is currently estimated to be more than $274 billion in the coming year, with $119 billion in fitness, disease, and appearance.

    To accommodate expected growth, some members of the CBIS management team will be joining XCHC. The Company has appointed the following individuals to the Board of Directors:

    Robert Kane - President & Chief Executive Officer

    Alfredo Dupetit - Executive Vice President, European Operations & Director

    R. Wayne Duke - Director

    Follow the CROWD and quickly put XCHC on your radar. XCHC could be a leader in their industry. We have been following this stock for quite a while now. There is no telling how high this stock can go but CBIS has made some nice runs and we think XCHC can do the same based on their new business model and share structure.

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