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  • The Stock Wizards announces its Top 10 Stocks for the week of 4/26/2010

    Written by: Dana Salvo

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    1) HMIT (OTC) Sector: Mining

    Hidalgo Mining International HMIT:

    TSW was very happy to see a strong trend reversal that occurred this past week. We challenged the 200-day moving average and bounced right off it for strong support this and rallied strong from those levels. A weekly close above (.0018) should send HMIT higher. TSW wouldn’t be surprised to see HMIT take out its previous high on a gap Monday morning.

    2) POPN (OTC) Sector:  Popcorn Vending Machines

    Pop N Go, Inc. POPN:

    TSW likes the low risk trade set up that it sees going into Monday mornings trading session. POPN is sitting right at the 200-day moving average (.0035) as a major support level. A close above the 50-day moving average (.0054) could get another trend started this week. POPN is also getting ready to break a downward three-month trend line for confirmation of a breakout. Technical traders will have their eyes on this one as they watch for the trend line break this week.

    3) VHGI (OTCBB) Sector: Oil and Gas

    VHGI Holdings, Inc. VHGI:

    VHGI has been in a trading range for the last 30 days, which presents itself as a very low risk trade. The current trading range is between (.14) and (.18). TSW is watching two key moving averages in the next several weeks for confirmation of an uptrend in VHGI. We are watching the 50-day moving average (.175) and the 200-day moving average (.21). A close above these key-moving averages will spark Momentum buying in the stock. We are watching for unusual volume and news as a catalyst.

    4) CAMH (OTCBB) Sector: Biotechnology

    Cambridge Heart, Inc. CAMH:

    TSW feels CAMH is presenting itself as a very low-risk trading opportunity this week. CAMH hit an intraday high of (.75) less than two weeks ago. CAMH has found nice support around its 10 and 13-day moving averages. A weekly close above (.54) could set itself up for another move higher.

    5) IWEB (OTCBB) Sector: Cloud Computing

    IceWEB, Inc. IWEB:

    TSW it is a big fan of Cloud Computing. TSW has been waiting patiently for a pullback in the stock for an entry point for our subscribers. We feel the pullback that occurred on Friday could’ve been that entry point. We came down and retested the 10 and 13- day moving averages and bounced right off of those levels and closed very strong on the day. Major support for the week will be (.35). If we break below this level all bets are off. IWEB made our Weekly Top 10 back in early March as a strong buy below (.20). It has treated our subscribers very well. Can it do it again?

    6) IDCN (OTC) Sector: Oil and Gas

    Indocan Resources, Inc. IDCN:

    IDCN has been a cash cow for TSW subscribers since early February when it was first profiled on our Weekly Top 10. IDCN has been in a nice trading range for the last 30 days.  A nice strong base has been built over this timeframe; TSW thinks that this is a very critical week for the stock to make a move and breakout to new highs. A weekly close above (.0025) will set the stage for a huge rally in the coming weeks. A break below (.0015) and the party is over. We will be watching IDCN very closely this coming week.

    7) ITRO (OTC) Sector: Agricultural Chemicals

    Itronics Inc. ITRO:

    ITRO makes our Weekly Top 10 for the first time this year. The stock is an oldie but goodie and has been around for many years. Every once in a while the stock shows up on everyone’s radar. ITRO presents itself with a very low risk entry point this week, coming off the 200-day moving average (.0022) as a major support level. TSW is looking for a breakout over the 50 day moving average (.0026) this coming week. The stock has a history of making moves and we feel the time has come. Keep this one on your radar screen.

    8) HNAB (OTCBB) Sector: Biopharmaceutical

    Hana Biosciences, Inc. HNAB:

    HNAB made our Weekly Top 10 last week and has made it again this week. HNAB is in a nice slow steady trend moving higher. A critical level of resistance will be (.30). A weekly close above this level could spark another round of momentum buying. HNAB had great news this past week and could move higher due its most recent news.

    9) MJNA (OTC) Sector: Medical Marijuana

    Medical Marijuana, Inc. MJNA:

    TSW Technical Indicators are getting very bullish producing a short-term buy signal. MJNA is staring right at its 50-day moving average (.18) in the face. Any kind of positive news will send the stock above this key point with a breakout level.

    10) GGII (OTC) Sector: Consulting

    Green Globe International, Inc. GGII:

    TSW scans the market for unknown companies with nice technical setups. All technicians will appreciate when they look at the GGII chart and see what we are seeing. GGII has a beautiful set up right above its 200-day moving average (.08). A weekly close above (.10) will send the stock a lot higher. This is the second week GGII has been on our Weekly Top 10.

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