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  • The Stock Wizards announces its Top 10 Stocks for the week of 3/22/2010

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    HPNN (OTC) Sector: Cellular phones, Mobile Wireless Gaming Applications

    HOP-ON INC: HPNN cracks into the top 10 as the number one pick this week. This reminds us of the ZVTK bottom play that we called 4 weeks ago off our Top 10 list. The stock is currently trading at .0019 and is sitting right on top of the 200-day moving average (.0019) . Traders and Investors are waiting to see if this level will hold or if we will go down to the psychological .001 level. Either way we are looking for a trading opportunity in the next 7 to 10 days. At some point the stock will have a reversal and will make a 50% – 100% gain on the reversal. A must watch for aggressive traders.

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    VIPR (OTC) Sector: Gold, Uranium, Diamonds

    VIPR INDUSTRIES INC: VIPR was our number one pick last week and did not disappoint our subscribers. Up 150% from our call on Monday. We will be watching the psychological resistance level of .005. The Stock Wizards would love to see a weekly close above this level. At some point during this coming week VIPR will find support around the 10 & 13-day moving averages. This is where we would step in for an entry point on a pullback. Critical support for this week’s trading will be .0029.

    SNBP (OTCBB) Sector: BioPharmaceutical

    SINOBIOPHARMA INC: SNBP is approaching its 200-day moving average (.28). A weekly close above this level would be very bullish for the stock. With the right kind of news Bio-Pharmaceutical plays can get pretty wild. With the chart shaping up we wonder if there’s any kind of significant news around the corner? We consider this a low-risk trade with the stock trading at .255 with support at 23. If it breaks the 200-day moving average it could get interesting.

    VRAL  (OTC) Sector: Biotechnology

    VIRAL GENETICS INC: VRAL Traders and Investors are very familiar with this stock. The stock had a major run last June and July of 2009. VRAL went from .02 to .13 in this time frame. The interesting thing about this move is that it was made below the 200- week moving average on that run. What is getting our attention? VRAL is currently trading at .06 and the 200-week moving average is trading at .065. It’s right there. If we break above the 200-week moving average, we will have an explosive move to the upside that could be even bigger than the move last year. We want to keep an eye out for the break of the 200-week moving average.

    ZVTK (OTCBB) Sector: Home Care Items

    ZEVOTEK INC: ZVTK broke into our weekly top 10 focus list back on the week of February 22nd, 2010. We mentioned that we thought a bottom reversal was coming into play and it played out as we thought it could. One of the best blue chip Sub Penny stocks out there at this time. We will be using the 10 and 13-day moving averages as an entry point on a pullback sometime during the week. This will be your lowest risk entry point that you will have this week. Major resistance will be the psychological .01 area.

    For those of you that are new to trading penny stocks The Stock Wizards invites you to read our new article that covers the topic of psychological support and resistance. Click here http://tiny.cc/zvtk

    IMDS (OTCBB) Sector: Breast Imaging System

    IMAGING DIAGNOSTIC SYSTEMS INC: IMDS made The Stock Wizards.net weekly top 10 last week and exploded right out of the gate on Monday for weekly gains of 200%. We would like to see a consolidation this week right below the psychological .10 area to create a launching pad for another explosive move. Support .05 results .10.

    ETLS (OTC) Sector:  Multimedia Software

    ETOTALSOURCE INC: ETLS had a nice technical breakout above the 200-week moving average this past week. Anytime you have a breakout above the 200 week moving average, this tells you that there could be a long-term move ahead for the stock. ETLS currently trades at .0016 with major support at .001. A must watch for all sub penny players.

    PIHN (OTC)  Sector: Cloud Computing Solutions

    POLARIS INTL HLDGS: PIHN is another sub penny stock that has a nice slow-moving trend to the upside. Currently trading above its 10 and 13-day moving averages. This should be used as your support for the coming week of trading if you’re in PIHN. A weekly close above the .002 area should spark some serious momentum in the stock.

    IDCN (OTC) Sector: Energy

    INDOCAN RESOURCES IN: IDCN has been in the weekly top 10 focus list for four straight weeks. We must say, this is a very critical week for IDCN. A weekly close below .0015, it will lose momentum that it had for the last 4 weeks. So it is very critical for IDCN to stay above .0015. A weekly close above .002 and we’re back in business. Good luck!

    HFBG (OTC) Sector: Beverages

    HALL OF FAME BEVERAGES INC: HFBG is another stock on the brink of losing its momentum that it has had for the last 3 weeks. If we cannot hold the 20-day moving average (0014) then the only scenario that we have left will be a bounce play in the area of .0009 - .001. A weekly close above .0025, Mr. momentum will be back in business. For aggressive traders only.

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